LANDSCAPE Comprises the visible features of an area of land, including physical elements such as landforms, abstract elements like lighting and weather conditions, and human elements like human activity and the built environment.

Creating beautiful landscapes and amazing experiences.

Design and Installation

Our landscape designers are willing and able to create a landscaping design to fit your unique needs and desires, while our skilled installers bring it to life.


Whether it’s a retaining wall, walkway, patio or other feature, our team of Landscape Designers and Certified Hardscape Installers has what it takes to create an outdoor living area on your property.


By adding landscape lighting, you can provide security, curb appeal, and functionality as you enjoy and use your property during the day and night.


Keep your lawn and landscaping healthy throughout the summer with a custom irrigation system. Our team can design, install, and maintain your sprinkler system.

Commercial Landscaping

We design, install, and maintain landscaping for businesses, commercial properties, and organizations throughout Indonesia.

Let our solid reputation be your guarantee


Ponds & Water Garden

There is no better way to reflect your personality than with the natural serenity of a water feature. We can design your aquatic paradise to complement your individual property features.


Natural Swimming Pool

No chlorine or any other chemicals used to keep your pool healthy & pure. Pool water goes through a natural filtration process. Beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, in conjunction with aquatic plants rooted in gravel and rocks, filter water in an adjacent pool, known as a “regeneration” zone. Then, it’s pumped back clean to the swimming pool, so it can be safe for swimming.


Landscape Construction

We offer multiple construction services to private and commercial properties: from simple planting and mulching to elaborate hardscape structures, our landscape construction division will bring your landscape vision to life!


Landscape Design

We provide complete architectural process for landscape design as well as services for small project that don’t require the longer or detailed process of landscape architectural design.

Our Works

Build Inspiring Spaces

We take pride in delivering consistent work and excellent service for clients in Indonesia.

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